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UX UI Designers
Punasa (Bee) Sihsobhon
Pia Miro Quesada

Chloe Meaney, Natalie Rapken

Mobile Interface, Education


There is no one place where cocktail enjoyers can easily access recipe based on the ingredients they have at home. The process of scrolling through the recipe while making the drink also makes the station and the device dirty.

5 weeks

My Roles

Conducted a desk research to study competitors to identify the unique selling points of the brand, as well as crafted surveys and conducted interviews to understand the user’s drinking behavior in crafting the information architecture of the interface.

Brand Strategist

Crafted the brand voice and value to the ensure cohesive design in the visual and the vernacular.


UX/UI Designer
Streamlined the site map and web flow then adjusted the standard UX writing to match with the user.

User Journey
Competitor Research
Google Workspace
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator

Key Takeaways

Information Architecture and UI 
Balancing copywriting with UX writing while working on the visual hierarchy was a challenge. Feedback surveys were sent out to the same pool of research survey to get feedback on the UX writing on the app.

Team Building
Within the limited amount of time, team members are dividing the tasks and work asynchronously. I centralized design updates, which facilitated the final prototype building process. Working in the same environment in person helps cater more idea exchange and reinforces focus.


Brand Strategy
Studying the existing competitors in the market and positioning the brand according to the user's pain points and conceptualized an authentic brand starting from values, voice, and visual language.

The team carefully tailored the survey and interview questions to ensure qualitative data  from the sample group. We also conducted the competitor research to learn about existing brand's success and failure and adapt those data to our design.
Feedback and Strategy
Feedback survey, class discussion, and presentation provided the team a great opportunity to check if we are on the correct path. Based on the researched data, we solidified our brand to further developed personas, user journey, and user flowchart to guide the design.
The team visualized the brand identity and visual language that is intuitive for mobile. The hardware is convenient for the target users and would not get in the way of mixing the drink.
Endless cocktails at your fingertips.
a mobile content library app that provides endless cocktail recipes, teaching you how to craft amazing drinks that will leave you feeling like a true mixologist.
Freepour Logo.png


Perfect Drink Logo.png

Perfect Drink

Cocktail Flow Logo.png

Cocktail Flow

wiki How Logo.png


Youtube Logo.png


Cocktails are constantly being made and invented, and there is no one place to access all these recipes.
Insights from our survey and interview.

Drinking Habit

Most people tend to drink with friends and family and/or during special occasions. It was also noticed that people tend to play music, chat, and plays game while drinking.

The pain points

  • There's no recipe that matches what I have in the kitchen.

  • The group cannot decide on what to drink and I don't know what I want.

  • It takes so long to go through the author's life story before I can get to the actual recipe.

  • It is really messy when I need to scroll the screen for an instruction while making my drink.

Survey Participant Method of Research.png
Survey Participant Drinking Environment.png
Survey Participant Tutorial Preference.png
Is the data valid?

Yes! It is valid, but it is slightly skewed.

With 97% of drinkers, we can make use of our data in the user personas and develop appropriate features catering to their needs. The feedback, however, is slightly skewed towards the female users age between 22 to 25 years old.

Survey Participant Alcohol Consumption.png
Survey Participant Age Demographic.png
Survey Participant Gender Demographic.png
Building design criterion

Here's what we do with our data.

With the goal to find a way to teach users how to make cocktails, a means of entertaining guest, and an opportunity to experience new drinks, we listed three design criterion that will resolve our user's issue.

Accessibility to content

Users spend too much time browsing for good recipe. This content library app will have everything in one location based off of your desired flavors chosen.

Reduce uncertainty

Some users do know what to make out of the resources they already have.

Convenience and mess control

User can easily visually follow instruction instead of scrolling while reading the recipe.

Meet our users

Sipology is an app for those who want to have a good time, socialize, and connect with friends while learning to perfect a wide range of cocktails.

Here are our user personas.

Image by Charlie Green

Calvin Diznuts (22 years old)

Impresses Party Guests

Calvin is in his final year at Temple University, and occasionally likes to entertain guests at his apartment. Calvin and his friends like to create new cocktails for their dinner parties, and are innovating new recipes from ingredients they have around their apartment.

Image by Alex Quezada

Alice Reynold (25 years old)

Expands Connection

Alice has an illustration BFA and is pursuing a master degree in business to aid her start-up project after 2 years of freelancing. she is trying to find topics of conversation while drinking to help connect people.

Image by Huston Wilson

Derek Thompson (30 years old)

Learns New Recipes

Derek is a web developer living in Miami, Florida. He recently picked up a part-time bartending job as a side income. He has always been interested in mixing and creating cocktails, and being a bartender can allow him to experiment.

Where's that recipe?

Calvin's problem

"I invited a group of friends over and my friend's girlfriend wants an Espresso Martini but I have never made one."

Calvin's goal

Learns how to make the drink for his friends

Calvin's Journey.png

What should we drink?

Alice's problem

"After a few cold months, the temperature is rising, and my girl friends and I are craving tanning and drinking at the beach but we're not sure what to drink exactly."

Alice's goal

The girls enjoy a fun beach day with their drinks of choice.

Alice's Journey.png

What can I make?

Derek's problem

"I have been wanting to learn new recipes to "up my game", but its annoying to go through so many places to be able to learn a variety of drinks."

Derek's goal

Has the opportunity to learn hundreds of recipes for various drinks in just one place - prepping him become a bartender.

Derek's Journey.png
Flow Chart

General app overview

From start to finish

Starting from downloading the app, this flowchart gives an overview on what route the users can take to interact with the interface and how it solves their problem.

Flow chart.png

Essence of our brand.

We want you to have a good time.

Setting this descriptive and tone of the app can make a better guideline for the team to work on the visual and the vernacular.


A simple, quick, and easy way to master crafting cocktails!


There's nothing better than a perfectly crafted cocktail.


Come and enjoy a drink with us!


You want to learn how to craft the perfect cocktail? You've come to the right place!


We're here to provide an authentic and genuine experience.


Like the way you'd speak to your friends.

Naming our brand

How did Sipology came up?

After brainstormed 71 names and researched the market, the team decided to use the name
Sip·ology with the interpunction between sip and ology. We also conducted another survey to get some feedback from our potential users, which was positive.

Brand Name List.png
Brand Name List.png
Brand Name List.png
Feedback Brand Name.png
Feedback Brand Essence.png

Name feedback

We sent out another survey after finalizing our naming ideas to observe the alignment of the name with the brand.

Building the visual system

It all started with the logo

To keep the visual consistency, we established the art direction through the solid logo design then develop the supporting visual elements.

Sipology 3 Edit.png
Check out the slide for wireframes and visual elements

The deadline looks scary,
but it's manageable.

The team is 3 weeks into the project and this is the start of our visual exploration. We split responsibilities to work on the visual system, wireframe, and prototype preparation.

Visual Language

A summary of visual elements

The visual elements are created to maintain cohesiveness of the design throughout the page. Here is the visual summary.

Visual System_Page_2.png
Visual System_Page_3.png

Sequencing the pages

The storyboard depicts the experience of the users from opening the app to reaching their desired recipe.

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