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Cancer Care Center

Elevating cancer patient's experience at Mobile Infirmary, cancer care package started with the comforting and relaxing design that ties to the local's culture - the pearl.

The Cancer Care Package is included to the design as a surprise. The research found out that there is not supporting material for the patients during their long waiting time and infusion session despite a low temperature of the building. The package features an oyster and pearl theme. Oysters are ubiquitous in the area. Like a pearl, superb cancer care is greatly appreciated and highly valued. The package includes comforting items that provide a warm welcome for patients such as a blanket, water bottle, bracelet, pillow and T-shirt.

Artboard 1-4.png
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Resource Manager Bridged the communication between the team and the advisor on materials caters to positive working environment.

Researcher Conducted interviews and formed a design criterion. Outsourced printing services for the prototype production.

Communication Designer Set the visual system for a cohesive production, presentation deck, and process report website.

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