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Madame FIN

Beauty and Fragrance, Packaging


A package design project focuses on the template building and vendor connection in GRDS 358 Production for Print and Digital Environments​ course.

To redesign the package of perfume by Madam FIN to increase customer's engagement with the product.


3 Weeks


Researcher Conducted interviews with the local printing vendor to understand the printing process. Research the brand to maintain the brand's essence in the redesigned package.

Graphic Designer Conceptualized and redesigned, and built a physical prototype for the package that reinforces customer's engagement. Design an augmented reality element to corporate in the package.



Brand research

Traditional sketch

Digital sketch

Prototype Building

Template Building

Google Workspace

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Illustrator

Key Takeaways

Marketing and customer's engagement: Considering the pandemic and the nature of the product, the packaging acts as a solution to increase customer's engagement via digital media and physical interaction.

Physical printing practice: Learned about the printing process, color setting, and project file set up for different deliverables through the printing vendor. 

All about package design: Practiced pattern making, physical prototyping, and mockup for the complicate mechanical analogue design.


Learning about the difficulty of the customers in selecting perfume / cologne during the pandemic lockdown, I researched the brand and to understand their identities and target customers. I also conducted an interview with the manager of the local printing vendor to understand the printing process.


With the information retrieved from the research, I retouched the logo and designed the luxurious unisex visual language to include male and non-binary customers in addition to females. The process goes hand in hand with prototype building to get the exact measurement for the design.


To ensure that the package can be manufactured in real life, I built the prototype and measured the template for the pop-up box perfume package. I worked closely with the local printing vendor to ensure correct file printing setup.

Madame FIN

We don't make only perfume,
We make your day better.

Original Logo.jpg

Madame FIN is a luxurious local Thai perfume brand aims to help their customers express their identities and build self-confidence with their luxurious, modern, sensual, and shine essence. Their target is customers are male to female age  20 - 35 years old from middle to upper class. The price range is around 1000 THB or 30 USD (2020)

Original Package.jpg

Madame FIN original packaging.

What is the problem?

Emphasis on the female customers

The current package design is directed towards female customers despite being a unisex brand.

Lack of customer engagement

The impact on the market from COVID-19 reduced the customer's engagement in the scent testing. 

What are the solutions?

A unisex package that is fun to unbox

Users spend too much time browsing for good recipe. This content library app will have everything in one location based off of your desired flavors chosen.

An online personality - scent testing

Some users do know what to make out of the resources they already have.

Learning about print

Triple Bears 88 Co.,Ltd.

Triple Bears 88 Co.,Ltd. is a rebranded printing vendor. The business was a textbook manufacturing company before the manager rebranded the company to be a commercial printing vendor.

3 major things to expect

There will be 5 - 10 % shift in colors as a universal standard with exception for the skin and cosmetic industry.

There will be 1-2 off set in bleed setting as the printer slightly shifts the paper on its tray or when the staff reloads the paper.

Other bleed to be cautious of is for the publication with spines, which its bleed area is depending on the binding technique, but it commonly lies between 6 – 8 millimeters.

Setting up files

Despite some modern printers automatically translating RGB into CMYK mode, work with the CMYK files to avoid the color shifts.

Do not forget the bleed setting.

Create outline or package the font with the folder.

Work with Vector supported software such as Adobe Illustrator for packaging and sticker, and Adobe InDesign for Publication work to avoid image destruction in raster files. 

Submit PDF files to prevent design changes.

Sketch, Sketch, Sketch!

Design an engaging packaging

Considering actions the customers can interact with the package, I came up with 3 ideas: a top down slide lid (top left), a ribbon tied magnetic box (top right), and the pop-up handle slide box (bottom).

After receiving the class feedback, I selected the last design due to the engagement the customers have with the packaging.


Building the prototype

Bringing the sketch and plan to life

See the slide gallery for a prototype building process!


The pop-up box design was my design hypothesis from my experience in building a 1x1 meter mechanical driven cardboard pop-up book in 2018. I tried to build the first prototype to test the real production.

A unisex visual language

What goes on the box

The unisex design drove me to stay away from the colors associated with the gender norm and leaning towards the atmosphere each time of the day send out. The contrast between solid shapes and fine lines, brings out the crisp and classy sense without directing towards any gender in specific. 

Visual Language.png

Templating building and assembling the piece 

From preparing the file to production

I finalized the design and sent the file to the printing vendor for a consult about printing material and proof. It was a challenge in proofing the color and detail online due to the COVID-19 lockdown. After the discussion, the vendor printed the piece and delivered the flat design to me. I assembled the packaging.

Interactive screens

Find your scent 

A quiz with questions based on the personality boosting of the brand. I further pushed the product into a series of Dusk, Day, and Dawn. The customers can explore the differences of the scent through the result page, which contains the overview, the scent, and the basic smell they match with.

3 Boxes Top.png
3 Boxes Stack.png
Storyboard of the app

Here's one of the possible interaction you could have with the QR code on the package.

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