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I'm Punasa Sihsobhon

Learn from the challenges and design aesthetically pleasing communication methods that propose practical solution to the user's needs.

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A multidisciplinary research, design, and communication project with Mobile Infirmary to elevate the spatial experience of healthcare staffs and cancer patients.

Explore the pain points of party hosts and barista trainees to design an engaging educational video archive.

Clarifying spaces and directions of the long-established Thai fusion restaurant and reinforcing the visual brand system.

Reinforcing the brand's identity as a safe and relaxing space for the community through the grounding of five sense while having coffee at Starbucks.

The pandemic challenges the brand's customer engagement in contacting and testing the product. Explore ways to create a scent compatibility quiz and increase the tactile quality of the product.

Rethink a way to tell time and reinforce a healthy habit of not skipping meals during a busy day.

CoMotion is an annual student-led motion graphics conference at the Savannah College of Art and Design. The identity system for the 14th annual CoMotion is influenced by the history of light and its relationship with art. 

Learning about the high price that is a barrier of the dancer's passion, Invicta is an accessible dancewear brand for female dancers.

The revival of Baskerville through the interpretation of Zuzana Licko discusses the forgotten history of Sarah Eaves, the print partner of John Baskerville.

Understand and reduce the fear of missing out on university campus with FOMO: A real struggle kit.

Learning to cope with the loss of loved one through the reinterpretation of Margaret Atwood, A Soul, Geologically.

Hospitality, Travel

A travel promotional poster for Bangkok, Thailand. The design focuses on the depiction of Saphan Han, in the historical old town Bangkok area.

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